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  • TAP2Deliver Worldwide Inc. is a company that is set out to provide on demand, real-time courier services in the greater Victoria area, to quickly and reliably move goods. We strive for excellence in our customer service and will go out of our way to help you scale your business on the ground.

    TAP is an app-based service company which provides efficient on the ground delivery services. Our drivers will be ready to pick up your items, delivering Anything Anywhere. The price for each delivery may vary due to the distance and immediacy requested from the customer. The timing of delivery is different for every order. Once it is processed, your order will then be put in que providing an estimated time of delivery. We provide real time tracking and live notifications, so you always know when your delivery is being picked up, transported and dropped off. In case a delivery cannot be completed, our driver will follow the instructions originally provided and re-deliver accordingly. This will include the re-delivery fee. If the driver requests extra steps like a return trip, we will add them back into the que automatically and a new ETA will be provided.

    It’s simple really, download the app, create a profile, include a payment method then you will be given two options: one will require a person in your business to place an order for delivery or the other is request a pick up. Our service is very specific, $10 initial fee, $1.75 every KM after that- $2.50 per KM during high traffic times (3:30PM- 6PM). Packages are to be 35 pounds or less, enough that a person can carry. At this time, when multiple orders are needed you must fill out separate requests. If the deliveries are going to the same location just package them up into one box and we will make sure the rest is handled. If your deliveries are on the same route we can calculate the additional charges through our mainframe so the order is more efficient and overages are not seen. Either way our drivers will be on the way!

    We believe that by including our service into your business model, you will consistently be improving your customer service. We are looking forward to getting your orders on the road effectively and efficiently.

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